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Thread: Tanking Rules

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    Tanking Rules

    In every season, we have around 13 sims, give or take a few. That is how these rules will be broken down.

    If I decide you have tried to "tank," 2 times, there will be a league points fine. If you try 3 times, you lose the right to claim points. If you try to tank 4 times, you will lose BOTH draft picks. So be warned.

    Your depth charts and scoring options are NOT seperate. If you try to tank using both, that's two points. And above all else, don't think "oh I don't really care about points so I'll tank the 5 times and still keep my pick." Your DC will be changed, whether you change it or not. It's up to the entire league to keep up to date with GM's trying to tank.

    1. bustahyndes - fined 5 points
    2. coltsguy - warning
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    Thanks CP. Yall got it easy. LOL. If I was commish, just to get the point across I would have said 3 times you lose your picks 5 times you lose your team. LOL.

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    Agree with Prep here. Some teams started tanking last year *cough*benchingNashhalftheseason*cough*

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