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Thread: The OFFICIAL draft debt Page

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    The OFFICIAL draft debt Page

    Purpose: This thread is to keep track of all draft debts owed by teams via future picks given and protected picks. Please have your trades approved by both parties in the trade thread and PM me the offical trade along with all the protections. Let's limit this to draft ranking protections only for the time being. For example: The Hornets trade '01 1st rounder to the Lakers for so and so player. Protections: '01 Top 15 protected '02 top 10 protected '03 top 5 protected '04 Unprotected.

    Celtics Owe Magic:
    Unprotected 2001 1st Round Pick
    Unprotected 2002 2nd Round Pick

    Clippers Owe Pacers:
    Unprotected 2001 1st round pick (Via Johnathan bender Trade)

    Hornets Owe Wizards:
    2001 Unprotected 2nd round Pick.

    Lakers Owe Grizzlies:
    2001 Unprotected 1st Round pick (via Rodney Rogers trade)
    Lakers Owe Timberwolves:
    2003 Unprotected 1st Round Pick

    Magic Owe Celtics:
    2002 Unprotected 2nd round Pick

    Magic Owe Wolves:
    2003 Unprotected First round pick

    Mavericks Owe Clippers:
    2002 Unprotected 1st Round pick (Mavericks-> Lakers-> Clippers Via Lamar Odom trade)

    Nets Owe Bucks:
    2001 Unprotected 1st Round pick (via Stephen Jackson Trade)

    Pacers Owe Clippers:
    Unprotected 2001 2nd Round pick (via Jonathan bender trade)
    Unprotected 2003 1st Round Pick

    Timberwolves owe Clippers:
    2002 Unprotected 1st Round Pick (Timeberwolves-> Lakers-> Clippers Via Lamar Odom trade)

    Timberwolves owe Magic:
    2002 Unprotected 2nd Round Pick
    2003 Unprotected 2nd Round Pick

    Supersonics own Raptors:
    2001 top 10 protected-> 2002 top 5 protected-> 2003 unprotected first

    Wizards owe Hornets
    2003 Unprotected 1st Round pick
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    If you look under your team in the index, at the very bottom they have draft picks. That's the picks you own.

    Per NBA rules, you cannot trade first rounders back to back. So you can't trade a 2001 and a 2002 pick, whether that be in the same trade or different trades, you have to keep one of them. So piggybacking off of that, you must always have atleast one first rounder over the next three seasons.

    And like I stated earlier, the other GM has to be smart. The GM trading the pick will probably want it protected in the event of him landing a good pick, but it is YOUR job as the other GM in the trade to distinguish what you are comfortable with and what you aren't. If you want a unprotected pick and not a top 4 protected pick, then tell the other that.

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    I'm more than willing to give advice for it and others have also volunteered.

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    Raptors owe Supersonics 2001 top 10 protected, 2002 top 5 protected 2003 unprotected first

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