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Thread: Here we go - THE DRAFT thread

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    Bass has a 7'2.5" wingspan

    he was not officially measured this year... The measurements you see is from 2004.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cajun_Hornet
    What is the record for the most pages on one thread? 30 pages and 600 post is very impressive.
    I know that there were a few threads on the Gameday board that were similar in length.

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    I do not pretend to know about these players abilities. I watch some play. But, I watch way more NBA and NFL, than the college games. I think the Hornets did the best they could, for the team. And I hope they get the best free agents they can, and play an exciting brand of ball.

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    So, Brandon Bass has a better wingspan than Charlie Villanueva, Chris Taft, Sean May, Wayne Simien, and Ronny Turiaf. Only "surprise" first rounder Jason Maxiell had a greater wingspan (over 7'3") with less height and less athleticism than Bass.

    Wingspan combines with quickness off the floor to determine how tall a player actually can play on the court.

    Plus, Bass is as quick and athletic (or more so in many comparisons) as anyone of these guys. Maybe Bass will prove to be a steal afterall.

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    Since high schoolers don't "come out early" one year over another, can some one explain to me how last year's draft could be almost all high school seniors, but hardly any this year? I have a hard time believing the high school seniors last year were so ,so, much better than this year to explain the huge difference. Statisically, it seems almost impossible.

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