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Thread: IT'S OFFICIAL: Sixers Acquire Rodney Rogers and Jamal Mashburn {merged}

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    Quote Originally Posted by ULsaint
    Watch Mashburn's punk arse play now. I don't care anyway. He's not that good even when he plays. He's old, slow and a ball hog who plays no D.

    The best part about this trade is that in one trade the Hornets got rid of two of the most loathed players in the history of the franchise!!!

    Talk about killing to losers with one stone.

    As for Big Dog, I personally hope he doesn't even play. I don't want him taking away minutes from Nachbar.

    We already have his separated twin, Nailon, anyway.
    Rodney is not the reason we we are 11-43.

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    Thank God, It's About Time.
    "Baron Davis and Jamal Mashburn. One 'star' who taught another 'star' how not to be a 'star' " - Jim Henderson

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    well since we don't know what players we could get from a BD deal we dont really know much but who from the current roster will start a PF until Mags comes back and PJ can go back to the 4 spot? This is good for West if he ever gets better. I think we should start the Birdman...Jacobsen and Nachbar are capable of being the energy off the bench till we get West or Magloire back...afterall it isnt like we have to win these games.

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