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Thread: VC to N.O????

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    Bosh is just as an untouchable as BD is. There is no way Toronto would give Bosh away unless he wants out.

    I don't think this rumor had any leverage anyway, and I first heard it I certainly dismissed it. Toronto has been saying for months that they would not trade Vince Carter unless it brought in another NBA superstar or made the team substantially better. As much as PJ and Maglorie are good role players, they are not superstars, and would not make a team desperate for offense any better at all....In fact, it gives them less offensive output. Although VC has been hurt, he is one of the most popular players in the league, probably the best dunker, and extremely valuable to the franchise that holds him.

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    Originally posted by say-what
    Trueblood is going to have to clarify this, but the problem with trading for Araujo is that he can't be traded until mid-December b/c he just signed his rookie contract. I'm not sure of the specifics, but I recall seeing this somewhere - maybe in one of Trueblood's posts. It wouldn't change my opinion that we would need him and/or Bosh if JMag was a part of the trade, it just means the trade would be delayed.
    Yes, all players who have signed contracts as rookies or free agents can't be traded for 90 days or December 15th, whatever comes later. Araujo already signed so it would have to wait 'til the 15th.

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    Well i love JMags but i cant believe that people think he is the next Shaq. He got shut down by Brain Grant in the playoffs. And yall act like he is untouchable. There is only one trade that works money wise that makes sence too with the Raps and its JMags, PJ Brown, Mashburn, Wesley for Carter, Rose, and Mosio. Then we could re-sign Traylor and sign Keon Clark. JMags doesnt fit that well in with our style anyways. If Keon Clark can play the way he did a couple of seasons ago he will be a better fit than Jmags. And we are gettin rid of Mashburn, Wesley, and Brown at the same time. If we dont make this trade we are in trouble because we went 41-41 in the east last year and now our old team is one more year older. Please Hornets make this trade

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    Even though I agree that Magloire is NOT untouchable, in all fairness, Magloire was double teamed every single time he got the ball against the Heat because Brian Grant was too short to guard him. I guarantee he would have owned Grant. Now, I'm hearing some stuff about getting Bosh for a few first round picks and Carter.. look, I wouldn't mind that. Wouldn't mind that at all. Even if we DO trade Mags.

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