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Thread: Shinn's Press Conference (Floyd Fired)

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    Originally posted by St. Rock

    Ummm, it's the internet -- speculation and innuendo is what we're good at.
    In most cases, we're really good!!!

    /see results

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    Originally posted by St. Rock

    Ummm, it's the internet -- speculation and innuendo is what we're good at.

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    Originally posted by HORNETSFAN
    We really do not know either way. If BD was doing it against Floyd's orders, shame on Floyd for not acting (why would he act for one breakfast meeting and not for a season long issue such as shot selection?). It is hard to tell, especially since we have seen instances of Floyd, in the playoffs, calling for 3 pointers out of a time out when it made no sense. Who knows?

    I did not make my statement to question your info. However, it is hard for me to overreact without seeing it exhibited (ala "Mashburn"). Not to mention, if we do not care for Mashburn and now turn the same feeling to BD, (and many beating on Big Cat for being lazy) what the hell do we have to root for on this team? Lynch (wanted out of N.O. last year), Augmon (in his last year(s)), Smith or DA (see Augmon), PJ (criticized for big contract and disappearing at crucial times), Traylor (out of shape and turnover/foul prone), CA (injured and criticized for shot selection and being soft)??? That leaves Shamwill, Carter and West (i.e. the newest members of the team). I am just saying that once the players have been here long enough for us as fans to get to know them, we find fault with them. I just do not want to overreact to what may be a problem, but certainly a solve-able problem. Now that I have depressed myself about our players, I will move onto another thread.
    I see now. This is also related to a debate we are having on another thread. I didn't see this before that, and didn't mean to drag it all out again.

    I'll just say this . . . that is the kind of things players do to pad their stats. Not saying Baron is guilty of this, but it is possible. Early threes and over dribbling leading to 1 on 1 outside shots are usually the kind of things star players do on lottery teams, hence the reason I claimed he was becoming AI and possibly padding his stats this year. Didn't mean anything by it, and fully expect BD on this team leading the Hornets.

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