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Thread: Floyd Fired! {mod edit - confirmed}

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    AMEN !

    Good Ridance No Teeth.

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    Any "live" radio coverage of the news conference at 11:30a?

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    prolly not...

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    Terry Stotts just got let go in Atlanta too.

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    Re: Re: Phone number?

    Originally posted by ULsaint

    Yeah, because he was so well respected in Jersey.

    A coach doesn't get fired after taking a team to the finals for no reason.
    Yep, the reason was the Nets management lets J Kidd run the show instead of the coach. I don't give a **** if the Nets respected Scott or not, they atleast played for him, and he got results.

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    Yeah, 2 straight NBA finals but than a 21-21 start. I think the nets should have let him get them out of that slump, but the players lost respect for him.

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    I hope Floyd can land a good college job, somewhere he can teach the players the game and really enjoy himself.

    Time to start looking at possible replacements. Lots to do this offseason with needing a new GM, coach, the draft, MLE, trades, etc.

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