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Is this the official Hornets site?

No. PelicansReport.com is an unofficial fan and news site for fans of the New Orleans Hornets. The official New Orleans Hornets site can be found at Hornets.com.

How do I contact someone associated with the website?

If you are having problems or have any questions with anything related to PelicansReport.com, please send us a message and we will attempt to find a solution for your problem or answer to your question.

>>> Click here to contact us<<<

Please be patient in awaiting our reply as we receive a lot of correspondence each day and it's hard to reply as quickly as we'd like to. Rest assured, however, that we will get back with you.

What are points and how do I get them?

Points are are a gratuitous reward system utilized by the site and have no monetary value. They can be used for chances to win various items in member contests which are held on the forum, or just accumulated in an attempt to hold the most points.

Points are given for a variety of reasons to members of our message board. There are a few surefire ways to earn points and those include:

- Plugging the site through the media. A number of our forum members have called in to their favorite sports radio show and given www.pelicansreport.com a plug.

- Winning a Points Contest. Every so often we will post a contest on one of the various forums to award points to our members. Contests appear randomly in the various forums and topics can range from pop culture, history, game predicitons or whatever else we can come up with.

- Make a noteworthy post or submit a link to a breaking or relevant news item.

- Sometimes it helps to just ask and you might get a point.

Be sure to register in our forum for a chance to earn points!

Somebody called me a coullion. What is a coullion and should I be offended?

We can't tell you. If we did, we would have to kill you, and, since we probably don't know where you live, it would take up to much of the valuable time we spend on this website to look for you. As far as whether you should be offended, I guess you are going to have to judge that based on who called you that, when, and why.

I know what coullion means, I speak French or somebody I know told me, or both. It means something nasty, so why don't you just say what you mean and quit playing around like little kids who just learned a dirty word?

You know what you think it means, maybe, but all meaning is contextual. Furthermore, language changes all the time, is subject to dialect variation, and is inherently imprecise. Just because you have a dirty mind, doesn't mean you should try to foist it off on the rest of us, so keep your prurient thoughts to yourself. Besides, how do you know the people who told you what it means weren't lying? Maybe they don't exist at all. For all you know, you could be a brain in a tank somewhere, so don't try to come off so high and mighty with your claims to "Truth."

If you are still interested in trying to find answers, here is a thread where this issue has been discussed previously. Beware of delving too deeply, however. You have been warned.

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