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Thread: Pelicans vs Mavericks game thread.

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    Pelicans vs Mavericks game thread.

    Game day!!! Lets continue to build on the momentum we have built as of late. After a couple days of much needed rest it will be important to not come out sluggish. This can easily be a trap game so we need to come out aggressive and focused. Lets keep the win streak going. GO PELS!!!

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    Eight in a reaux. The resurgence continues.

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    I would normally think this is a trap game BUT, a win today and we are tied for the 3 seed. Imagine where we might be if Boogie wasn't injured?

    I'm starting to belive AD that we might have been able to compete for a ship...

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    We can do this, absolutely. Will we? That remains to be seen, but it's entirely within our abilities and we know the guys are hungry. Just sad Okafor probably won't play.

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    Why won't okafor play?

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    Quote Originally Posted by wnelson View Post
    Why won't okafor play?

    Ankle injury.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Pelicanidae View Post

    Ankle injury.
    Damn, ok

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    mirotic either needs to knock some shots down or pass the ball. he's killing us on that end

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    They always give rondo the continuation but never any of our guys who can actually shoot lol

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    diallo's defense is a whole different level of trash

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    AD shoots the wedgie.

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    How isn't that over and back wth

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    Jrue is going nuts lol

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    jrue has been so good for the last like month

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    The goal mics in that arena are hot. Very loud swish when the balls go in. Lol.
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    Jrue killing

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    These are some really late calls bruh

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    gotta quit switching guards onto Dirk. that's automatic points

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    this lemon guy's FT shot looks horrendous

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    first time in dirk's 83 year career i've seen a team not attempt to guard the guy. can't let this team hang around

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    Quote Originally Posted by jprdbulldog20 View Post
    this lemon guy's FT shot looks horrendous
    His shot in general is putrid.

    He looks good from every single point of the drive until he leaves his feet.

    I like his potential.

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    barnes is missing all kind of layups...i guess he said, my boss said tank so im going to tank it lol....

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    Man these Dallas commentators are talking about their Google searches. And anything but the game. Highly annoying

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    we're playing pretty well, but geez dallas looks awful

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    Diallo is going to be a really good role player, if not more, I just hope Demps has the patience to allow the Pelicans to be that team he becomes one for. Or at least has the foresight to hold onto him until he reaches his ceiling on trade potential.

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