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Thread: Pelicans vs Spurs game thread

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    bench moore please. he's really bad at this sport

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    We are just being shoved around under the basket and the refs are swallowing their whistles.
    Watching Pelicans games is what Georges Bataille meant by limit experiences.

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    One page in and already the usual over-reaction.

    Aldridge is not owning Okafor. Emeka has had perfect D on him on every shot, Aldridge is just sinking tough ones. He won't make those all game, all you can do is defend him close and make him work for it.

    Mirotic playing great D.

    We would be up by 10 if half of the shots that have rimmed out drop. Just bad luck so far in terms of the percentages. Pels have been in control so far, just need the numbers to turn around.

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    LOL and every single spurs shot bounces in and out of the rim 3 times before dropping in.

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    man, our defense is dreadful

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    We're gonna be fine, it's just frustrating.

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    i can't tell if lemon or diallo is more out of control. both should not be near a basketball court

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    Lemon has taken like five shots and been blocked four times in his NBA career. Get him off the floor for Christ's sake

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    Plus his D is awful. He leaves his feet with the slightest nod.

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    nice stretch for diallo there

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    I'm not even joking, I think that's honestly Lauvergnes first block this season... Christ.

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    Why is Miller so reluctant to drive when he has a lane/defender out of position? Really limiting his and our ceiling

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    How we looking?

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    lemon jr is actual trash

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    Man they are really calling some ricky tacky stuff against us

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    alvin, we have a guy named anthony davis on our roster. if you don't play him, we will lose. i promise

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    gentry left AD out too long, spurs got all the momentum, and then it was just too late

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    Why on the hell is every thing so damn shirt geezus and please with this they don't foul bs they mean the refs just don't call anything

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    Quote Originally Posted by kidjock24 View Post
    How we looking?
    Bad. No one is playing defense right, Lemon's been blocked again, AD didn't see the floor for like 7 minutes straight despite the deficit, and Lauvergne is having his best game of the year. Refs suck as per

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    pels defense is comical

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    that pass by moore was easily the worst pass i've personally ever seen at any level of basketball


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    Moore always Moore doing something stupid god

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    Guys. AD is not 8 feet tall. Stop throwing the ball to him as if he was Robert Wadlow

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    jrue's "defense" on patty mills is...not great

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