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Thread: Pelicans vs Suns game thread

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    AD is getting mugged under the basket every possession.

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    Block out or ad catching a ball no no? Ok cool well wait till the second half

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    Yep just keep shooting 3s guys makes sense

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    Team is so gassed...

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    Anthony Cousins gives PHX another point

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    AD gets tech'd because the officials don't know what the rules of the game are.

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    Don't blame ad with the calls we've been getting its crap

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    We are due for another inexcusable home lose to a horrible team. I can't wait for a new coaching staff. Defense is just too awful to give anyone a free pass.

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    great, now AD can't see. on cue bricks free throw. can't catch a break

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    AD should be shooting fts 12 times a game minimum this season. It's a joke.

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    it's sad but we need 50 from AD tonight to win

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    i promise you that hacking-a-Booker is not gonna help the comeback attempt, rondo

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    jrue was wide open but AD does not trust ANYONE on this team anymore. sad stuff. can't blame the guy either

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    Moore should not be on the court. He can't shoot. He cant play defense. He can't make free throws. hes bad

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    Why is Jrue not on Booker?

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    Good Lord.....Elfrid Payton's hair style is by far the most ridiculous and stupid looking rats nest of a thing I've truly ever seen...
    And that says a lot.....Honestly wtf is this kid thinking....he cannot possibly think this is something trendy at all let alone even marginally cool in the slightest bit. Dude looks like a damn clown. It makes me feel embarrassed to be from the same state as someone that out of touch with reality.

    Btw this was me being nice about it....

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    pelicans in-bound violation lmaoooo

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    Mirotic on Booker. he has given up 5 easy layups tonight

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    Keep it single digits going into the third. We'll be fine.

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    nikos shot is AIDS right now

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    booker on pace for an easy 50. just embarrassing

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    Quote Originally Posted by jprdbulldog20 View Post
    nikos shot is AIDS right now

    He and Moore are twinning right now
    I'm a grinder

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    how do you let booker score an easy 27 on you in 1 half? it's just awful defensive scheming

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    Notice how it's the same ********** ****** ref calling fouls

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    Only thing uglier than pels defense is elfrids hairstyle

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