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Thread: The Flip Side: The Twin Tower and not Twin Tower Offenses

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    The Flip Side: The Twin Tower and not Twin Tower Offenses

    Since I was wallowing in the various lineup numbers for the last week anyway, I decided while I was there I might as well check out how the Pelicans have been doing on the offensive side of the ball with their Twin Towers, and if one or the other is off the floor.

    I -- The Twin Towers Offense

    I was a bit aware of this one even before all the defensive research and had hinted at some of it before. Here are it's traits:

    1) ORTG: 112.6(wowy) = 110.3
    2) reasonable pace (95.1)
    3) Davis and Cousins dominate the action
    4) Cousins takes lead, Davis shoots less but gets massive boost to his efficiency (open looks and alley oops)
    4) Moore does fine as a roleplayer playing off Boogie+Brow, although not as well as he does with no A.D.
    5) Jrue struggles
    6) No room for anybody else

    Usage and TS%
    Cousins - 30.7usg + 58.7ts%
    Davis -- 25.1usg + 69.3ts%
    Holiday - 17.7usg 50.0ts%
    Moore -- 15.3usg + 56.3ts%
    Nelson -- 10.8usg + 50.9ts%
    Cunninghm - 9.4usg + 54.2ts%

    II -- The Cousins Offense w/ no A.D.

    1) ORTG: 110.3(wowy) = 108.1
    2) faster pace than Twin Towers (97.5)
    3) Cousins usage (38.0) and TS% (60.6%) both spike
    4) benefits concentrated in 4 guys (Cousins, Jrue, Moore, Miller)
    5) Holiday/Moore/Miller get huge efficiency boosts, but not huge usage boosts -- the extra usage goes to Boogie
    6) lineups pulled down by ineffective play of Allen, Clark

    Usage and TS%
    Cousins - 38.0usg + 60.6ts%
    Allen -- 20.5usg + 49.0ts%
    Holiday - 20.3usg + 63.4ts%
    Moore -- 16.1usg + 69.3ts%
    Rondo -- 14.2usg + 54.2ts%
    Clark -- 13.0usg + 31.5ts%
    Miller -- 12.1usg + 65.6ts%
    Nelson -- 10.3usg + 50.0ts%
    Cunninghm - 10.0usg + 53.5ts%

    III -- The A.D. Offense w/ no Cousins

    1) ORTG: 111.4(wowy) = 109.1
    2) pace accelerates to absolutely ridiculous speeds (102.1 -- would be 2nd in NBA behind Lakers 102.3. Warriors are at 100.3)
    3) A.D.'s usage spikes, but his efficiency falls off as he has to create more -- likely why he says Cousins makes it easier for him
    4) benefit highly concentrated in 3 players -- A.D. (usage), Jrue and Miller
    5) defining trait of lineups is Jrue stepping forward to be a second star -- not only efficient, but a huge usage spike
    6) Miller has been insanely efficient (79.2ts%) in these lineups
    7) Moore really struggles (possibly due to Boogie being more of a passer than A.D.?)
    8) Allen and Clark do much better
    9) probably Nelson's most effective and Cunningham's least effective lineups

    Usage and TS%
    Davis - 33.0usg + 57.3ts%
    Holiday - 29.4usg + 60.8ts%
    Moore -- 15.3usg + 48.8ts%
    Allen -- 14.7usg + 55.3ts%
    Miller -- 14.3usg + 79.2ts%(!!)
    Nelson -- 13.5usg + 54.1ts%
    Clark -- 12.0usg + 55.9ts%
    Cunninghm - 10.4usg + 50.6ts%
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    This is why I'm not panicking that we are only at .500. There is a process to realizing the best lineups for particular situations, as you show with your data. I have faith that the coach's will figure this out. Thanks for providing these numbers. This type of info is much needed and we appreciate your efforts!

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