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Thread: Pelicans @ Nuggets

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    Jrue looking to bag another big night. No hesitation, all guts. Awesome stuff.

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    Horrible close to the half but can't complain

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    how can Davis nto challenge there??

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    Nice hardenesq d there ad

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    or hustle back there? did he get tired?

    bad close

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    Glad to see Gentry show some emotion heading into the locker room.
    RIP FlyGirl

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    I think they were just a little gassed at the end there. Shots were just a little short. Indicates tired legs.

    Makes sense playing in Denver.

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    Western Conference going beast mode v Eastern conference tonight so we need this one

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    Quote Originally Posted by AusPel View Post
    Western Conference going beast mode v Eastern conference tonight so we need this one
    Yep OKC, Utah, and Portland all won tonight of course. Gotta make sure we take care of business in the 2nd half

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    Let's not go down the road of our usual 3rd quarters please!

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    well at least the Sixers really fought before going down. The rest of the East has played like a bunch of...female cats tonight, turning this into a must win just to keep up.

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    Cousins 5th turnover leads to a Denver 3

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    Steph Cousins

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    Nice Boogie

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    Joel lmaooooooooooo

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    didn't realise this, but Denver announcers just pointed out that this is the 3rd and FINAL meeting with Denver this year. They are 1-1, so this is the tiebreaker in case they are tied at the end of the year for playoff positioning. Bigger game than I thought.

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    Rondo the GREAT

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    Well that was just a gross 3 by Rondo. Lol

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    lucky for Pels that Malone called that timeout, because I was thinking Gentry needed to call one to get these guys some rest. Altitude sickness was beginning to set in.

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    That Dell Demps gon mess around and steal GM of the year.

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    Jrue is definitely feeling comfortable in his shooting now.

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    Holy meezus

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