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Thread: Philadelphia 76ers vs New Orleans Pelicans 12-10-2017

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    11 point lead gone in 3 minutes

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    Simmons draws blood then claims he didn't touch Rondo

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    whatever they are doing at half, they need to change it. bring in a professional motivational speaker to do the halftime speeches or something. They know it too. A couple of games ago after the Denver win, when the ESPN crew asked Cousins what the biggest thing the Pels had to work on was, Cousins responded that it was getting off to better 3rd quarter starts. And yet here it is again.

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    Our biggest issue this game is just refusing to rebound for some reason. If we were being out rebounded by 25-23, that's one thing, but 29-19 is just too much.
    Watching Pelicans games is what Georges Bataille meant by limit experiences.

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    JJ Redick getting superstar calls out here in 2017

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    Rondo getting smacked around here

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    Cousins was doubled. AD was open. Cousins shoots. Cousins gets blocked. Cousins then doesn't box out on the other end

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    Gentry needs to take cousins out
    Dell Demps PLEASE get us some scorers!

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    Ben Simmons clearly commits an offensive clear out, gets the foul call in his favour anyway. Will Brett Brown stop complaining for a moment now?

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    Booker getting calls while AD can't get one

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    76ers are playing 10x harder than us

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    Trevor Booker is the Sixers franchise player. He's gonna be on the next 2k cover. Cause those are the calls he's getting.

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    Pels defensive rebounding is embarrassing

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    Unbelievable... this is an exact repeat of Friday’s game . This team is so mentally fragile .

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    Can the Pels get a single ********ing call?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Pelicanidae View Post
    Can the Pels get a single ********ing call?
    We have taken way more free throws than the sixers . The Pels just aren’t playing hard .

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    If Asik is available he should be out there with A.D., spacing be damned. Need another big man to control the defensive glass.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bricklayer View Post
    With Cousins it's intentional -- that's the scheme. he used to be a great offensive rebounder, but now they treat him like Dirk. Spot up at the arc, and then immediately head back to try to stop the break.

    A.D. is on and off around the rim.. When you're astar you don't want to pick up an offensive foul there, and if you are A.D. or Cousins nobody is going to forget about you and nto put a body on you.
    that's no reason for the lack of effort.

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    Asik is in to save the Pelicans

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    Quote Originally Posted by Alg_Hornet View Post
    We have taken way more free throws than the sixers . The Pels just aren’t playing hard .
    Yes, but they were almost all in the first half. Since halftime, we've had constant obvious fouls go uncalled. It doesn't take a genius to see that the refs are attempting to balance the free throws, which results in giving us less than they see and looking for more fouls to give them.

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    Jrue Holiday as a "PG" is just a tragedy.

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    Even if we get lucky and win this game, the types of lapses we are seeing are indicative of something much deeper. Smart basketball people have start wondering if this experiment is worth continuing.

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    Jrue is bad at dribbling.

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    Pels defense is very similar to if you put 5 chairs out there and attempted to score on them

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