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Thread: Ajinca out another 4-6 months

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    Ajinca out another 4-6 months

    Will Guillory: #Pelicans announce that Alexis Ajinca underwent surgery on his right patellar tendon on Wednesday. Heíll be out 4-6 months.

    Alexis Ajinca: I want to thank the @New Orleans Pelicans community for all of your support this week. Itís been a tough one, but Iíll bounce back soon! I appreciate my teammates and fans having my back. Just know Iíll continue to help my team in whatever way that I can. Canít wait to be back!

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    Wild how we were so sure that Ajinca would be the one to return well before Asik with Asik being out the full year and possibly medical retire. They did a switcheroo and surprised us.

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    Okafor finally traded. Just think, a few months ago we were all debating a potential trade for him as our new Center compliment to Davis...

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    SMH. What a waste.
    RIP FlyGirl

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    AA will be back next season !!

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    Can we get an injury replacement for Ajinca? Dude didn't play at all this year

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    Quote Originally Posted by HoustonPelicans View Post
    Can we get an injury replacement for Ajinca? Dude didn't play at all this year
    We might be able to apply for an injured player exception (we don't qualify for a hardship exception anymore) but the bigger issue is we don't have the roster space or cap room to use it. We already have a couple of traded player exceptions from the Cousins trade last year but odds are we won't use any of them. Especially not until a trade happens where we send out more players for less.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Buckwheat View Post
    AA will be back next season !!
    Don’t remind me lol

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