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Thread: Pelicans at Suns 11/24/17

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bricklayer View Post
    the ridiculous thing about A.D. and Cousins is that they both have 15-8, and it's just a little above their average production.
    Clearly, the basketball wizards of smarts were correct...this experiment with the two big men has failed. We must trade both and start over again.
    Thanks Pelicans Report - I get a laugh or three every day reading this thing. Hoping the magic returns to the SKC soon.

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    Dammit etwaun

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    This is how I hoped this game would go. Winning, but in such emphatic fashion the main guys could rest for the Warriors tomorrow. So far, so good.

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    Jrue is playing some ELITE D out there

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    Quote Originally Posted by AusPel View Post
    Jrue is playing some ELITE D out there
    He's turned Devin Booker into Andre Roberson.

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    Dat mid range is sweet

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    no no, not playing as sharp mentally

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    Ad playing some harden level d there

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    This is why a big lead is important, gives you cushion when you have those three or four bad plays

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    I wonder if the analytic guys would've told Rip Hamilton to stop shooting mid range
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    Boogie loses his head way too easily

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    Cousins is playing an incredibly smart game

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    Jrue drawing the foul

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    Gimme more of dat back door action

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    Das it Jrue play for contact

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    Quote Originally Posted by AusPel View Post
    Das it Jrue play for contact
    If he could draw fouls consistently, he'd have 19 a game instead of 15. Which would be awesome

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    Stuck in Rising Fawn, GA with no TV stream and spotty internet. Well. Not stuck. Getting some awesome family time in. But missing the game all the same.

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    Boogie needs to shoot his free throws and then just sit the rest of the game. No point playing after taking a knee to the head when you're up 30+ going into the fourth.

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    Moronic camera men

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    Quote Originally Posted by AusPel View Post
    Moronic camera men
    Same one in the same spot caught two guys this game. He should just move.

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    Quote Originally Posted by AusPel View Post
    Gimme more of dat back door action
    Watch your mouth!

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    welp, I would think that's basically it for the game. 32 pt victory in 3/4, then there will be a quarter of Cheick Diallo vs. Dragan Bender that they shouldn't even count in the final tally.

    Couldn't really ask for a more perfect result the night before going into Golden State. May not matter, but at least you did your work and set it up right.

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    Who's this tall pale guy? I feel like I've seen him but can't place it... Something like a ghost in the fog, a scene from a memory.

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    Wow. Never cared for Asik, but feels good to see him out there again.

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