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Thread: Pelicans at Nuggets 11/17/17

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    Most of us love the pelicans in our own demented ways. Personally I'd love to build through the draft but understand why some moves were made. I'm a draft/trade freak so even if we were 82-0, I'd prob try to trade to make us better. It's a sickness that prob goes along with my gambling addiction.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bricklayer View Post
    There's a chunk of Pels fans that...kinda lack heart.

    Insulting thing to say, I know. And I would apologize for it, except it's a valid observation. There's a significant chunk of the fanbase that have just been poised to bolt at the very slightest adversity. A few trolls even trying to create the adversity. or at least dream it into existence. Really wouldn't want you guys at my back in a fight. Somebody pops you in the nose once and you'd run home screaming to mamma. And there's a whole bunch of extraneous junk involved too.

    here are some notes:

    Dell Demps is IRRELEVANT. The team is here, constructed. Dell could be the worst GM in history, or the best. Makes no difference now. It's an offseason topic. A valid one then. But no reason whatsoever not to support the team that is on the floor.

    Alvin Gentry's suck, or lack of suck, will for Pels purposes be entirely determined by whether the team wins or does not win. Running around losing your mind over who the coach is is nonsensical. You can blame every loss on him, and dream of a coach that would take this Pels group and make them 82-0, that's fine. I laughed when the Pels signed him, thought it was stupid and amateurish. He's a sub .500 retread. But if the team is winning, then Alvin being the coach is NOT a reason not to support them.

    You do not know DeMarcus Cousins' head, and neither do I. I do know his character enough to say that he will never screw over people he likes for selfish reasons. If he's going to go, and he likes A.D., Alvin, Dell, he will let them know so that they can plan accordingly. there will be no Dwightmare nonsense (although he does have Dwight's agent), and no Kevin Durant surprises.

    The Saints are irrelevant. Different sport. And I am old enough to remember when all 10 Saints fans showed up to games with paper bags over their heads, so let's not lionize that franchise and it's fans too outrageously. They win, they have fans. They lose...

    Speaking of which, the team is carrying a winning record, comes home to face a good East team in Toronto...wouldn't have killed to have the fans show up for that one. At some point the fans with the cahones to hang in there can actually play some small role in the team's success, or failure, by whether they get behind this team or not. Saying you want the team to win, but then giving them no homecourt advantage isn't consistent. Saying you want Boogie to resign, and presenting him with a depressing sea of empty seats isn't either. It takes a village and all that.
    This rant is because one person said to trade Cousins for Gortat and Porter? I actually joked I would go for it just because Gortat is Polish.

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