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Thread: Pelicans G-League Team Will Not Be In Shreveport

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    NBDL Pelicans G-League Team Will Not Be In Shreveport

    The New Orleans Pelicans G-League team will not be calling Shreveport home, the team confirmed Tuesday.

    Greg Bensel, spokseman for both the New Orleans Saints and the New Orleans Pelicans, called Shreveport's leadership and business communities '"first class" and said the team still considers Shreveport "part of the Pelicans and Saints family."

    But the organization has declined Mayor Ollie Tyler's invitation for the City of Shreveport to host the developmental team.

    "We have decided to respectfully move on from Shreveport," Bensel wrote in an email. "Both teams and our organization will remain always interested in the development, promotion and well-being of our state, and Shreveport will always play a vital part in that."

    Bensel said no decision had been made as to where the G-League team will end up. G-League teams are the NBA's version of a minor league

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    I say it’s going to Pensacola Florida

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    Wish it was in Alabama or Mississippi
    CAW CAW!!!

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    I would have for sure bought season tickets if they came here. How ever I have seen how other minor league professional teams have done in the area. From hockey to baseball to arena football, teams just don't last here. Fan support is not great. I'm mildly disappointed they won't be here, but understand why they chose not to come.

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    I think that became a foregone conclusion when Shreveport refused a bill to build or upgrade an arena.

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    Shreveport port is a Dallas suburb, anyway

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