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Thread: Pelicans at Pacers 11-7-17

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    Good 3rd Quarter for a change.
    RIP HunnyB/FlyGirl

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mythrol View Post
    Are we seriously playing Jrue at center on AL Jefferson?
    No, the defensive coach which the New Orleans fanbase thinks so much of, likes, no make that LOVES, to switch everything. And teams have been beating the Pels over the head with it throughout the early season. They don't actually go at A.D. and Boogie, they use it to get free post ups over the Pels twerpy guard corps. Maybe you can live with that in some cases, but Al Jefferson? Come on.

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    Here is where I'm nervous because Cousins looks absolutely gassed (understandably) and AD just hides it well.

    Can our bigs actually make it through

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    Lance Stephenson looks like an MVP candidate

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    I'm a big fan of all free throws because it allows for more rest.

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    How is that not an offensive foul

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    Canning have lulls on offense.

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    Miller took the ball from Leaf but Leaf gets the superstar call in his rookie year

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    I feel like Jameer is trying his best to be Lance, and he's just not.

    Also stop giving up offensive rebounds!

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    Lance Stephenson is the kind of guy who takes his shirt off at the start of a fight and then immediately gets knocked out cold.

    "We're goin' ta be ohkay'." - Alvin Gentry, 2017

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    I really wanted to keep Lance. It's a shame we let him walk.
    If you Jimmer it, they will come.

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    I’m glad we’ve made so many 3’s. But I still don’t understand why we’ve SHOT so many 3’s. Lol.

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    Terrible foul call.

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    F U REFS

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    Make up foul call. Lol

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    Boogie was tackled on that 3

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    Moore is so un-clutch.

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    Our team is just throwing ball to Cousins and watching.....

    Of course when they try our guys miss a wide open shot.

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    Showtime Stephenson

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    So Lance signed a contract with the Hornets (3/$27m). That contract would be in its finals year this year. Does him having a contract with the Pacers mean that he is still double dipping on his Hornets contract?

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    I need to see Moore's percentage on wide open shots

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mythrol View Post
    Our team is just throwing ball to Cousins and watching.....
    + Moore bricking threes as usual

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    Pacers in bonus for 7:30

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    Wow what tick tacky call seriously

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