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Thread: Pelicans at Bulls 11-4-17

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    Fire Gentry, promote Rondo.

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    Thankfully ugly wins count. Let's get this one. The year the saints won the Super Bowl there were 4 ugly wins. Good teams beat bad teams.

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    Dat Pels collapse.

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    Stopped playing defense
    Dell Demps PLEASE get us some scorers!

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    I'll take ugly games. Don't particularly care how we get wins as long as we get them. But this game genuinely has been tough.

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    AD's perimeter defense is just terrible. Total lack of awareness and not moving his feet well at all.

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    Classic Gentry end of the collapse . Team is confused on both sides the floors

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    I am tired of watching this team, and this is not because itís 2am where I leave right now...

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    well Boogie stepped it up, but A.D. hasn't scored in the whole quarter. Got to go back to him.

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    Turnover out of timeout?

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    Where have the AD touches gone? He's had something like one shot attempt in the last six minutes.

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    They switch bigs onto guards for no reason. It's pre-determined switches. That is bad coaching.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Alg_Hornet View Post
    Stopped playing defense
    Respectfully disagree

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    DeMarcus gives the ball to the bulls

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    Why doesn't anyone box out anymore?

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    That 24 shot clock violation was big for us.

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    Great defense. We can win a big game... Finish strong.

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    Jesus christ.

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    AD better get the last shot.

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    Cousins just threw that ball away

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    Please get a game winner, I donít want 5 more minutes of garbage

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    My. Heart can't take this game.

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    Quote Originally Posted by eatmoreyeah View Post
    AD better get the last shot.

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    This game is stressful lol. Let's just get escape with the W

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