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Thread: Pelicans at Bulls 11-4-17

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    Fire Gentry, promote Rondo.

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    Thankfully ugly wins count. Let's get this one. The year the saints won the Super Bowl there were 4 ugly wins. Good teams beat bad teams.

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    Dat Pels collapse.

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    Stopped playing defense
    Dell Demps PLEASE get us some scorers!

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    I'll take ugly games. Don't particularly care how we get wins as long as we get them. But this game genuinely has been tough.
    Watching Pelicans games is what Georges Bataille meant by limit experiences.

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    AD's perimeter defense is just terrible. Total lack of awareness and not moving his feet well at all.

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    Classic Gentry end of the collapse . Team is confused on both sides the floors

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    I am tired of watching this team, and this is not because itís 2am where I leave right now...

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    well Boogie stepped it up, but A.D. hasn't scored in the whole quarter. Got to go back to him.

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    Turnover out of timeout?

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    Where have the AD touches gone? He's had something like one shot attempt in the last six minutes.

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    They switch bigs onto guards for no reason. It's pre-determined switches. That is bad coaching.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Alg_Hornet View Post
    Stopped playing defense
    Respectfully disagree

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    DeMarcus gives the ball to the bulls

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    Why doesn't anyone box out anymore?

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    That 24 shot clock violation was big for us.

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    Great defense. We can win a big game... Finish strong.

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    Jesus christ.

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    AD better get the last shot.

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    Cousins just threw that ball away

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    Please get a game winner, I donít want 5 more minutes of garbage

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    My. Heart can't take this game.

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    Quote Originally Posted by eatmoreyeah View Post
    AD better get the last shot.

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    This game is stressful lol. Let's just get escape with the W

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