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Thread: Timberwolves at Pelicans in the Blender 11-1-17

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    Quote Originally Posted by SAINTS26 View Post
    You're right. I think this fanbase just is so frustrated because we all know these pels usually dont play well after halftime.
    And virtually 0 offense outside the big 2

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    Doesn't sound like ppl are worried, it's just becoming a trend. We're not a good enough ball club yet, to overcome games where we turn the ball over 20+ and play lazy defense. Gotta clean this up.

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    This fan base is tired of seeing **** basketball. Plain and simple.

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    This is hard to watch.
    Dell Demps PLEASE get us some scorers!

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    Honestly my biggest question is where ADs ability to finish oops has gone. He's missed something like six in the last two games.

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    Wolves making a run while both Davis and Cousins are on the court

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    You should be questioning his defense instead.

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    Yep, the bad performance v Magic was definitely 'just one game'

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    Hitting a 3pt shot on a kick would be helpful. How do you play inside/out when your center is your only dependable catch and shoot 3pt guy?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Alg_Hornet View Post
    This is hard to watch.
    This x1000.

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    Timber wolves haven’t missed in the 2nd quarter

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    Oh no, Dante in. Cross your fingers.

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    Moore almost literally just passed the ball to Butler.

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    Where is our rebounding? They're outrebounding us by almost ten and that's just not right.

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    I mean seriously.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Pelicanidae View Post
    Where is our rebounding? They're outrebounding us by almost ten and that's just not right.
    And KAT has been on the bench for nearly the whole game.

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    This team makes things so much harder than what they need to be . Just really poor decision making on the court

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    Jrue gets called for a carry that 70% of the league gets away with every possession. Nice.

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    Just remembered we have the 3rd quarter to look forward to

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    Good god this team is bad from top to bottom . We should be killing these teams .

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    Good ppl are booing.

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    The idea of the bigs handling the ball needs to be trashed .

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    LOL @ this team making the playoffs

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    When Cousins is on, he's unstoppable. When he can't be bothered, he REALLY can't be bothered. Moves like he has concrete shoes.

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