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Thread: Let's find out what the Pelicans are eating and drinking

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    Let's find out what the Pelicans are eating and drinking

    Are they getting natural spring water such as Mountain Valley? Maybe they're not getting enough fruit, vegetables, and greens? After all their home is a place that's known for something called GUMBO.

    Cousins is lacking some kind of nutrients with his temper. Is it magnesium? Something with his adrenal glands?

    Instead of just rehabbing the usual way, the injured players should be water fasting to speed up the healing and maybe be better than ever. Maybe Asik goes back to his play with the Bulls. Maybe Rondo becomes an All-Star again.

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    Wishful thinking
    They need a few things not on your list.
    It’s called TALENT.
    It’s called intergration of a blend of talents to work as a unit.
    This team needs Leadership from above as in Head Coach with a winning record to show these players look what happens when we work as a Team. Alvin Gentry is a career loser at the Head Coaching position in the NBA.
    This Team needs a true GM that picks players not a GM that lets players tell him who to pick and pay.
    The Fans are loyal no doubt.

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