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Thread: GAMEDAY THREAD PELS at GRIZ 10/18/17

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mythrol View Post
    Jesus christ how far ahead of us are you? You must be at the game...
    I'm watching on FSNO from Pineville, La.
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    That was a very good counter attack by the Pels. Hit Moore and he was under the goal 5 seconds into the clock.

    AD had 4 guys trap him on the next possession. Lol.

    And now Green for Memphis is down. Looks like a rolled ankle but he looks like it's hurting.

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    No other links to watch this online?
    RIP FlyGirl

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rel11 View Post
    No other links to watch this online?
    Did you check nbastreams reddit? They tend to have a bunch of links for every game.

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    Try NBA streams on reddit. I have another service but I pay for it.

    Looks like Green is out for the game. Dude got carried off.

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    Cousins looks great so far on both sides of the floor

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    First AD injury of the year

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    That was a punk foul by Wright.

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    They don’t want to give the second foul to Gasol

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    Quote Originally Posted by jprdbulldog20 View Post
    First AD injury of the year
    I was thinking the same thing
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    Brandon Wright with a hard foul puts AD to the ground. Kneed him in the thigh.

    May be a flagrant.

    Called a common. Cheap foul.

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    Quickest jump ball call in NBA history

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    AD just stole that jump ball

    AD FOR 3333333333333333333333333333333!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    AD dominating

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    That’s a good move AD

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    AD 1st 3 of the season.

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    DANTE FOR 33333333333333333333333333333!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!

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    I'll never understand defensive 3 second violations. It could be called every single possession but it's so random

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    AD is pissed off...

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    Pels are hitting their threes. Watch out.

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    Sweet move by AD

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    I’m loving the ball movement so far.

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    Refs trying to keep the Grizz in it

    Edit: Finallly a good call

    EDIT: More bad calls

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    ewww... AD just picked up his 2nd

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    Reke just did a Reke lol

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