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Thread: Jordan Crawford vs Perry Jones III

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    Jordan Crawford vs Perry Jones III

    Before preseason I thought Crawford spot was a lock. But he hasn't played much and in the little time he did play he looked bad and his defense was pathetic. But we seen what he can do when he is on and he can flat out score the ball if given the opportunity. The question is will that opportunity ever come? Clark and Moore seem to have both backup guard spots locked up, with Tony Allen also likely getting minutes there before Crawford.

    On the other hand, Jones has looked decent, not great but he has made some really nice moves at times. But he fills a role as he's our only athletic wing on the roster and he's actually pretty talented. Has dealt with some misdiagnosed injuries that has set him back. Likely has the higher ceiling between the 2.

    The kind of good news is with Rondo being the 4th injured player, we get an injury replacement until he returns. So we can technically keep both players and see which one fits better over the first 12 games.

    My hope is that Crawford has some big games and takes advantage of his time. Then we trade him for a 2nd when Rondo returns and we keep PJIII. I really like Crawford but I don't see him playing much at all barring another injury and he's easier to replace than a 6'11 athletic wing.

    What are you guys thoughts? Crawford or PJIII?

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    I would say Perry Jones. We need another wing and length. I think Ian Clark has basically took the 6th man/first guard off the bench role.

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    Keep in mind the injury replacement doesn't kick in until all 4 Miss 3 games. So Jones would have to be cut and then resigned.

    I guess the biggest issue is we have injures at guard and wing so we need depth at both. Right now we have Cunningham and Miller for the wing, and 3 guys not counting Crawford for 2 guard spots. We are also desperately thin in the front court.

    Jones makes some amount of sense because we have a guard and a big on our two way contracts but we can also run 3 guard lineups as well. Crawford's ability to just get scorching hot probably has more value in real game applications. It's a hard decision but the guaranteed money is probably a factor also with our cap situation.

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    You have to keep Jordan Crawford.

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    I think we keep Crawford as well. His ability to score is much needed at times and although he hasn't done much this preseason, at least he has done it in actual games. Jones is a very good prospect but it looks like its just coming down to a numbers game.

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    I've always felt Crawford's position on this team was tenuous at best. Don't see PJIII as the nail in his coffin, though.

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    Perry was super hyped, used to be top 3 in mock drafts start of his college year. We could use a long shot home run. Bring him if possible, But not at the cost of Crawford who will turn up when the season starts.

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    PJIII could be our G-League extra roster slot until our roster settles itself.

    I want both guy on the team.

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    PJIII and Alexander waived.

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    I was just about to post that I preder Crawford. So I guess he is staying

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