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Thread: At First Glance-open discussion

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tinman View Post
    Jokic is good . He is not better than Marc Gasol. He is not as dominating as Gobert or Whiteside. He's average on Defense at best. Top 10, not Top 3.
    Jokic's offensive numbers, both raw and advanced metrics, were off the chart ridiculous last year. Like Steph Curry great. I am not a believer he can sustain that though. The league will adjust, and the Pels even stole the assistant coach who helped create that.

    And on the other end of the court people just sort of passed over that he charted out as just about the worst defensive center in the league. There's a reason last year that Denver reverted to its franchise stereotype of high scoring/no defense.

    I think there's a class of 3 already there superstar level guys, guys who can easily go out and get you 25-10, one of whom needs to play to make it a reality:


    and then there's three guys who are "also great" in their own ways:


    Gasol is what he is. he'll never be a superstar, he's always the "best of the rest". Gobert is the defense, a new Deke. And right now Jokic is the offense, a one side of the ball genius. If Jokic learns how to play at least respectable defense though, he could easily jump into the top group.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Mythrol View Post
    I expect the Clippers to fall off hard. An Austin Rivers lead guard rotation shouldn't be able to keep up with us. Without CP3 Deandre Jordan won't get nearly as many easy looks either. Really I'm not sure how anyone can look at our two teams and not have us ranked higher than them.

    If I were ranking right now I'd have us probably somewhere around 5-6.

    Dubs - OKC - SA - Houston

    Pels - Clippers - Denver - Portland - Utah (though the loss of Hayward probably drops them more than this)
    Milos Teodosic is better passer than Chris Paul, but worse at defense.
    "The greatest threat to the domination is the equality."

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