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Thread: NBA approves draft lottery reform

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    NBA approves draft lottery reform


    The three teams with the worst records will share a 14 percent chance of getting the No. 1 overall pick, a change from the descending percentages of 25, 19.9, and 15.6 in the current system.**
    No more blatant tanking for a #1 pick

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    Quote Originally Posted by HoustonPelicans View Post

    No more blatant tanking for a #1 pick
    I don't think it will stop it completely. Bad teams may still be inclined to tank for a top 3 pick. It should help though. But it seems there is less of a chance that you even get a top 3 pick. Seems like this helps middling teams that are just outside the playoffs have a better chance at landing in the top 3.

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    Don't like it. The draft was really the best way for smaller market teams to build their teams successfully. Free agents typically do not want to go to smaller markets.

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    I like the change a lot. It still should give the weakest teams the opportunity to get better but it just got more difficult for teams like philly to do what they were doing.

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    It deinventivenesses the "race for the tank" in that being bad should be 'good' enough to get a high draft pick while equalizing the odds means that teams shouldn't have to pull a 76ers-esque suckfest unless they perpetually miss on their picks. The only thing I'd add is every time you get a top 3 pick, your team-specific odds go down. The 76ers not caring to win games is annoying, the Cavs for some reason getting 4 number 1 picks in 11 years is ridiculous and shouldn't be allowed to have happened.
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    Addressing what isn't broken what is usually for greedy sports leagues.

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    I'd go further and give all non-playoff teams an equal chance in the draft lottery or, at most, just have an upper bracket and a lower bracket, though that would still give some teams an incentive to get into the lower bracket. The purest way is just to give all 14 of the non-playoff teams an equal shot in the lottery.

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    This does nothing to stop tanking. In fact this actually encourages tanking.

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    Someone mentioned this on one of the shows but I actually like the idea have a playoff for the number one pick between all of the teams not in the real playoffs

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    The tanking now will come from more teams. If having the 3rd worse record gets you equal odds as being the worst team out right. Then teams that's 4th -8th(which are usually only seperated by a few games) have no reason not to tank to try to get to the bottom 3 where they have the same chances as the team in the bottom 2 worse spots. The bottom teams will still tank because 19% is still higher than whatever 4th-14th worse get and certainly not worth trying to win games.

    This plan is awful and without a doubt going to make tanking more useful for more teams.

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    its worst...you will have the bottom 8 teams playing d-league players and bench players just to finish in the bottom 3 for a equal chance for the top pick.....it will be some awful games on tv after the allstar break from teams who are out of it at that time lol.....

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    Or you'll have teams who suck try to get marginally better because it doesn't ruin their chance at a top pick...

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    Agree. I think it helps prevent some tanking.

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    Quote Originally Posted by DefensiveMind View Post
    Or you'll have teams who suck try to get marginally better because it doesn't ruin their chance at a top pick...

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    What about the way the NBA is structured makes you think it's beneficial to get marginally better? That's my biggest issue with the NBA and why tanking exist. It's more likely to reach the elite team status being god awful with rookie contracts and flexibility than it is to be elite trying to progressively get better. Until the NBA addresses things like max contracts, soft salary caps, and restricted free agency drafting gives you the highest percentage strategy of turning a team around. As long as that's the case teams will tank. This rule change now makes it beneficial for more teams to consider tanking once it's obvious the playoffs are out of reach.

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