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Thread: All preseason games will be online.

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    All preseason games will be online.


    It's listed in the link above. The other teams will be either streaming or have them on tv. Yay!

    One more week!

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    Hell yes!!!! This HUGE FREAKING NEWS!!!
    CAW CAW!!!

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    That's good to hear, but disappointed to see the Pelicans continue to fail in following suit.

    "I'm not going to allow my putative owner to answer that question, this is an NBA related press conference. Paul Tagliabue and Roger Goodell have collectively sung their praises of Tom and if uh ESPN has a problem with that tell Mr. Skipper to call me at my office."

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    Quote Originally Posted by Silverfoxx View Post
    Hell yes!!!! This HUGE FREAKING NEWS!!!
    Yes it is!

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    It must be tough for large organizations to change but this is a small step that many of us have been calling for forever. There were games in the past where AD, at the time arguably the most exciting player in the league, played in, without anyone being able to watch. Pels as an organization need to follow suite with the others but this will be the first time we're able to watch all preseason games. I just don't see a reason for it to be difficult to begin with. Very happy to see it progressing, however slowly.
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    that dumb Gentry killing Asik morale seriously man he is been good when you compare last season then suddenly he sits whole damn first half barely gets minutes what an idiot we need muscle wee need rebound he took of asik jones,ajinca they got no place on this team play Diallo at least he is decent.
    .......if healthy


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