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Thread: Possible trades for a SF

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    Pelicans Possible trades for a SF

    Now that Hill has gone down I really think we need to look to make a move. Not many players who are possible for us to get but I think we have a good bit of resources with our draft picks along with Diallo and Jackson. IMO we needed to make a move anyway but Hill going down changes things.

    My first two options would be Fournier and Middleton. Both would fit in great here at SF and both can be had for the right price. With the emergence of Brogdon last year Middleton isn't as much of a need to them as he was before. I can also see why they would rather keep him but anyone saying they would never do it obviously does not follow the NBA and see the constant trades that happen you never thought would. With Fournier he was rumored to being shopped and I think the Magic are in a rebuild where shedding his salary and a solid return would be intriguing. He reminds me a lot of Klay Thompson and imo would absolutely flourish here in Gentrys system playing with our bigs while having Rondo and Jrue to set him up. Not to mention going from a teams 1st option to playing a more comfortable role for him as a 3rd/4th option.

    Another possible trade would be if Melo were to get traded to Houston maybe we could somehow get in as a 3rd team and take on Ariza while not giving up to much. He would fit in nicely here playing his role as a 3 and D who has a lot of playoff and championship experience.

    A situation with a player now in Cleveland I believe is a possibility is Jae Crowder. I could see the Cavs keeping him but also someone they acquired with value to move later and build a team around Lebron that fits. That 1st round pick imo will be moved to bring in a player that helps them now. I also think there is a good chance Melo is moved there while Love is on the way out as a possible 3 team deal.

    I know a lot of these would need salary moved as well and with where we sit after Hill I wouldn't hesitate to stretch Asik if it meant landing someone we need.

    What players do you believe we could get? Who would you want that would be worth the assets and using the stretch rule for? Remember we have the assets to get a good deal done.
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    We don't have the assets to get a good deal done. We have our 1st round pick, but we have to send out more salary than we bring in and none of the salaries we'd trade are even slightly appealing. Bucks are not trying to get rid of Middleton, they wanted to package him and Brogdon for Kyrie...somehow I don't think they'd settle for Asik. Ariza was one of the main reasons Houston appealed to CP3, they're not going to turn around and trade him.

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    We patch the hole and wait.....

    for a guy that doesn't fit his current team.

    Then we send the 1st rd pick & salary to match.

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    What about Glenn Robinson III? Anyone mind if we went after him? Is he go afterable?

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    I'll must admit this whole situation is depressing me. We just don't ever seem fortunate to get it right. Like the Solomon Hill injury is such a fluke that I'm starting to believe it's our destiny to just be mediocre.

    After the Asik contract, the scrub tryouts we are doing, and just our ownership in general, its best to just have more realistic expectations. We are probably a 7th seed at best, at worst this year maybe something that may change this franchise for the better.

    Maybe it's our destiny to start over fresh, from AD, Boogie, Demps, ownership,etc and have a 76ers like rebuild, hell Maybe even rebrand ourselves.

    But I'm hoping that's not our destiny, but EVERY, SINGLE, YEAR, it's something bad that happen to us. My Hope is maybe we can trade for a seasoned vet like Wison Chandler or Courtney Lee somehow.
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    I hate to bring up old arguments(though not enough to not do it), but this is once again the risk of pursuing a team building strategy that continually spends multiple assets for more expensive singular assets. Depleting your poker chips on a few hands instead of having patience, spreading your risk, and keeping a diverse asset base to absorb the hits.

    Compounded when you lose many of the bets like Asik, Ajinca, Hill, Moore, Gordon, Bayless etc. Then face injuries that force you into more desperate moves because of your earlier failures.

    You make the Buddy for Cousins trade 100 times out of 100, so I am not saying that, but we would be in a much different position had we just made a few less win-now, "to hell with the long-term" moves along the way. In that world, at a minimum, we probably have enough extra wiggle room to have signed Nick Young.

    Frankly at this point, and I don't want to do it, but I could absolutely see us showcasing Diallo a bit early on and trading him out of desperation for a replacement level SF the second the opportunity comes up. Maybe throwing in another draft pick.

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    If we have anywhere near even league average injury luck we never would have been in this situation. It's easy to point fingers at Dell but no team has sustained the continued amount of injuries we have over the last 5-6 years.

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