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Thread: The New Movement is Hosting a Monthly Hangout For Pelicans Fans

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    The New Movement is Hosting a Monthly Hangout For Pelicans Fans

    Chris Trew, BourbonStreetShots.com

    Who: You! Plus members of Pelicans media (blogs, podcasts, radio, TV)
    What: A chill “let’s hang out and get hype for the upcoming season” meetup (6:30-8:00) followed by a live recording of “Locked on Pels” inside the theater at 8:00p
    Where: The New Movement, the only full time New Orleans comedy venue.
    2706 St. Claude Ave. in the Marigny!
    When: Thursday, August 24th at 6:30p (tonight!)
    How: Get in a car or on a bike or in a bus and go!
    Why: Because we love basketball and we should rally behind this team, ya dig?


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    Wish i was in New Orleans for this.
    CAW CAW!!!

    -Founder and valuable member of the Caw Caw Boyz-

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    I just saw this ��. Wish I could have been there tonight. How'd it go?

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    This is awesome!!

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