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Thread: Best 2016-17 replays to watch

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    Pelicans Best 2016-17 replays to watch

    So, I'd like to watch 4 replays from last season, 2 wins obviously w/ 103 + scoring, Cousins on board, 1 home and 1 away. And the two late Denver loses to ck out Finch's usage of the two bigs and other movements he may try here. In the first category Ive narrowed it down to Charlotte or Denver on the road, Phoenix #3, and either Houston, Minny, Dallas or Sac. for the home win...where AD and Cousins and the rest of the team were clicking like we've seen only a few (very few) times. Either of those stand out to those who may remember ? thanks.
    We had quite a few interesting conversations as we pondered and navigated the nightly canopy.

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    I'm confused, are you asking to be provided with replays of those games?

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    well I don't think Boogie played any of the Suns games, so rule that out. He also didn't play in the Houston win (but team played really well that game pretty sure). And he didn't play in the Nuggets win in Denver. I feel like Charlotte was a big AD game, with grits coming up bigtime that game too hitting big 3's but I can't remember if the whole team was clicking (typical fashion I feel like we let them back in it when we should have taken in regular). Could be the away game though. So I'd narrow it down to Minny, Dallas or Sac as your home game.

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    Thanks Bill, and no Houston, Ill find em.

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