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Thread: Recent Spate of Articles on Pels

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    I mean Melo's value is pretty low around the league. We just saw what Jimmy Butler and Paul George got in trades too. Maybe a 3rd team could get involved if the Knicks prefer young players.

    Last trade deadline a 1st, Austin Rivers, and matching contracts was enough to get him and Doc refused.
    For real though, the main team that everyone is expecting that he wants to go to is the Rockets, and the reason he hasn't been traded there already is because the Knicks don't want to take back Ryan Anderson and his huge contract. Also, the Rockets don't have their 2018 pick, and they don't seem to want to give up Ariza (CP's homie, even though if it comes down to it, he may be included since they just signed PJ Tucker).

    So if it comes down to

    R.Anderson + 2019 pick +minor contracts


    Asik (much less salary over less years) + 2018 pick + Moore and/or Hill (play defense and much better fits with Porzingis) + one of F.Jackson and/or Diallo

    .... Pels seems to have the better offer there. Dependent on Melo willing to waive his no-trade clause for the Pels, of course.
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    Diallo is where I say no. Not for a one year rental on a 33 year old Melo. But man it would be nice to get him.

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