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Thread: New Unis and Court Design - Question

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    New Unis and Court Design - Question

    Sorry if this has been asked already. I searched and couldn't find anything. Does anyone know when they are going to unveil the new uniforms and court designs? Thanks all.

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    All we've heard is some time this summer. No date has been announced.

    Jim Eichenhofer ‏@Jim_Eichenhofer 17 Apr
    @mknkachow No details yet. Uniform definitely need to be ready by NBA rookie photo shoot but other than that TBD. Will tweet when I know
    Jim Eichenhofer ‏@Jim_Eichenhofer 17 Apr
    Stay tuned. There will be tons of announcements of new stuff this summer. RT @iamKimmieHo When will we get to see the new Pelican unis?

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