From Jerry Zgoda at the Star-Tribune:

Hayward has a friend whom he claims has talked through such a medium to a brother who has been dead for six years. That relationship helped convince him to seek his own answers.
"I've actually been able to see a spirit," Hayward said. "I can't talk to them yet, but I have seen them."
He has spent the past two months pursuing a path of what he calls "meditation and spiritual healing and living in an enlightened state" while also waiting for a road back to the NBA.
"I think it helps me cope with some of the things that go on in basketball and just in life," he said. "It really, really helps me a lot."

Pretty interesting that a professional athlete would come out openly about something like this. I still think the rebranding of this team should be the New Orleans Spirit, or the Nola Soul. Voodoo and communication with spirits has always been a part of the cultural allure of New Orleans. Anyone have some cool spirit-contact stories they'd want to share?!