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Thread: [S4] Weeks 19-20 Results

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    [S4] Weeks 19-20 Results

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    sloppy sim.. 4-3

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    Lost to the Nuggest, Spurs and Pistons? Really?

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    only win came against the best team record wise.

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    Just when I think the Andre Miller trade was a bust, he gets voted player of the week?????????????????
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    I feel like I'm wasting my time compared to Sound.
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    I think Sound just upped the standards in the league.
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    Went 4-1, in the only lost against the Pacers Steve Francis had a MONSTER game. Dude got 40 pts, 18 and 10 rebounds! Then he got a triple double the next game. How didn't he get player of the week?

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    Went 9-0 and Baron had back to back triple doubles...but just saw Eddie Jones is out until at least the playoffs...doh.
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    Went 4-2... Somehow I am literally in the HEAT (pun intended) for the 8th playoff spot. The team is really coming together in Arenas's absence!
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