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Thread: Andrea Bargnani and Kyle Lowry to be traded?

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    Rumor Andrea Bargnani and Kyle Lowry to be traded?

    There has been plenty of speculation that Toronto is considering trading Andrea Bargnani and apparently it's true. Kyle Lowry could also see himself moved to another team by the Feb. 21 trade deadline.

    ESPN.com's Marc Stein writes: "One source close to the situation said Friday that Bargnani remains 'a lock to be moved.' That naturally depends on finding a taker for the underachieving Italian forward, but Lowry's contract shouldn't be too hard to attach to a trade, valued at $5.8 million this season and with only $1 million guaranteed of the $6.2 million he's owed next season."

    Any takers? Would the Hornets want to make a play for Lowry?

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    Quote Originally Posted by MichaelMcNamara View Post
    I wonder who would want to take on the Bargnani contract to make it happen?

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    That contract is horrible. I think Toronto wants to believe someone will take it if they attach Lowry, but that might be a reach. They might have to just try to get a good package for Lowry and amnesty Bargnani this summer. Lucky for them they still have that option.

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    Lowry yes
    Bargnani no

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    I'd love for the hornets to get Lowrybut not at the coat of this years first. Maybe next years top 10 protected.

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    The only way the Raptors trade Lowry is with Bargnani. That is, unless we offer our unprotected 1st.

    Why would they trade Lowry alone? I'd love to hear the reasoning behind getting rid of a guy they just likely spent this year's top 10 pick on (top 3 protected though), and has a favorable contract situation, for anything less than our 1st. Even if they are sticking with Calderon moving forward, Lowry has great trade value right now.

    You want Lowry? Cool, make some room for Andrea and his $23 mil over the next 2 years. Or say adios to our 1st. Those are the only 2 plausible scenarios that I see.
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