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Thread: What's your opinion on changing our colors?

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    What's your opinion on changing our colors?

    I know how the majority feel about the name change and I know that and the color change is a foregone conclusion, but just curious of those who are pro-name change... do you also dislike the colors or would you prefer them to stay the same?

    I personally love the color and jersey scheme and could still look great with a pelican logo or whatever we choose.

    Food for thought, just curious of everyone's opinion

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    Devouring the West supermati's Avatar
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    Love the name. Feel the colors are totally unoriginal for such a unique city.

    EDIT: This is about Pelicans and Red, Navy and Gold.
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    A Soulful Sports Fan Contributor Eman5805's Avatar
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    If the name changes, why keep the colors? Can't go with Creole Blue, man. Purge everything and start with a clean slate.

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    The Franchise LoCo89's Avatar
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    I love the current colors and wouldn't mind if they stayed. I'm just not thrilled with the supposed new colors.

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    I would prefer something more traditional

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    Way too bright for my tastes. Purple and teal arn't exactly the best colors to wear on hats, shoes, shirts etc. People will know when you are wearing your Hornets gear, though.

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    The Franchise kinglio21093's Avatar
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    I love the colors. Very unique. Hate that they're gonna change to a bunch of colors that are used on a bunch of other teams.

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    I guess I will grow to appreciate the new colors once k see them on uniforms but for now they are just blah. The Mardi Gras colors would have probably been dope

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    Keeping the colors would sort of contradict the purpose of rebranding---creating a new identity.

    In other words, our current colors need to go.

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