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Thread: N/H Dwyane Wade Suspended 1 Game

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    NBA N/H Dwyane Wade Suspended 1 Game

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    NBA suspends Dwyane Wade for 1 game after his shot to the groin of Ramon Sessions.
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    D Wade is sneaky dirty. I remember when he pulled down Rondo in the playoffs.




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    Bout time the NBA gave him a suspension. Dirtiest player in the game far as I'm concerned.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bee-Fense View Post
    Bout time the NBA gave him a suspension. Dirtiest player in the game far as I'm concerned.
    He is also the most immature player in the league when considering age. Remember 2 years ago when him and LeBron were making fun of Dirk for being sick and going off, so they thought he was faking it? Messed up.

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    I'm legit surprised they suspended him.

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    I like Wade's game. But I've wearied of him fast.

    Can't believe I'd ever like Kobe more than either of them.
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    I have had a feeling for a long time that he is all show, no substance, when it comes to his "oh hi I am a nice guy and care about stuff."

    This only confirms my belief.
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