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Thread: The best NBA players in 2015

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    The best NBA players in 2015

    In 2015, who will be the best power forward in the NBA?

    Soriano: Anthony Davis. At such a deep position, it seems blasphemous to claim that Davis would be the game's best PF. But as a rookie he's already posting the third-best PER at PF this season, is flashing a more well-rounded offensive game than he was given credit for coming out of Kentucky, and his defense will only continue to improve as he gets stronger and learns the NBA game. The sky is the limit for this kid, and the game's best PF is his future.

    What do you guys think? By 2015 will Davis be the best PF in the NBA? There are many factors that make it hard to guess who is going to be the best player in 2015 but I think he could develop into the top PF.

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    Rose or Irving
    Harden or gordon

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    Not LBJ at SF?

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    I'll agree. Davis is a beast, doesn't force the issue much, gets to the foul line, shoots great from there. Hes going to become automatic from 16-19 feet within 2 years IMO and combined with his great touch around the rim and ability to finish with contact he'll be unstoppable. His defense does need fine tuning. He misses rotations and commits bad fouls at times but those will improve with game time and video review.

    No reason he can't be #1 in two years, he'll have the keys to the franchise.

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    In two years, Anthony Davis will be the best center in the NBA. Yes, center. By then he'll probably be a solid 7 feet tall, and weighing in at around 250+ lbs. His offense will be more polished with better developed post moves and mid-range jumper, as well as his freak athleticism, and his defense will be much improved because he'll have strength to go with his length. I don't think Dwight's offense could ever reach where Davis's potential is leading him.

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    Another article about how the top rookies can improve, it talks about Davis' jumpshot being off balanced. I have not watched his jumpshot that closely but I would like him to drive to the basket more off a pump fake. He could have took Ayon off the dribble last night.

    Anthony Davis, Hornets

    To start the season, Davis had a sweet-looking jumper. Beautiful arc and beautiful follow-through, always the combination a shooter should look for. As the season has evolved, though, his jumper has devolved. Does he still have a nice arc? Yes. Is his follow-through still solid? Yes. So what's the problem? Look down, not up.

    Early on Davis had good balance on his shots, landing solidly with both feet and his sneakers, hips, shoulders and head all aligned. That is no longer the case on many of his shots. Watch how he falls sideways or backward as he lands. That is typical of someone who is starting his shot off-balance. I constantly say to shooters: How you start is often how you finish. Bad starts typically end poorly.

    With all the things Davis is focused on, including just getting and staying healthy, it is easy to understand how this happened -- it's a frequent issue for NBA players, who tweak their shot from week to week. Jumping straight up and landing with balance will help Davis start making jumpers again.

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