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Thread: Start "X"

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    Start "X"

    Almost can't believe I'm saying that, but the truth is in a dismal SF situation, he gives us the most punch offensively, and we need the scoring. He can put the ball on the floor and has a decent jumper. Not so sure about his defense, but they gave Chief a long look at the start of the season. I'd go ahead and give Xavier an 8-10 game stint as the starter and see if he can claim the position. Thoughts?

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    I would rather Miller, but don't look lile it will happen. These are the reasons why he should have a shot.

    Miller may be our long term starting SF, so why not give him starter minutes and let him grow? Dude has the talent to be a decent starter, sorta like Shane Battier or someone(IHDK). He has range, can knock down the jumper, he proved he can hit the 3 and he shows flashes as a good defender. He is one of those NBA players that do everything decent, not dominant in one area but a good all-around player. So continue to give Miller a shot with the increase os minutes and the starter position atleast for some time so he can show what he can do.

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    I've been happy with Lance Thomas at the 3. He is easily our best defender at the position.

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    I actually was about to say this... Weird. He hasnt given anyone besides aminu a steady streak of at least five starts. Xavier actually gets to the line and hes not that awful when hes confident. This is the one huge problem i have with monty. He needs to let someone build confidence. I like lance but he shouldnt be starting. You cant just start someone two games and just make an evaluation. Look at rivers... Xavier was good in his first start and at least efficient in his second consecutive start (albeit not agressive).

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    Monty's coaching philosophy seems very old school, in that you really have to earn your minutes or you get a quick hook, especially if he detects a lack of intensity on defense. That may have been the problem with Henry. But I agree that too quick a hook for young players especially (and that seems like all we have) can be counter-productive. I think Monty's done a good job letting Rivers work things out on the floor (in part due to injuries, but still) and that may be because Rivers plays with a lot of effort and works very hard on his game, buying him some slack for lack of production. Still, I think sometimes you have to coach to the player and looking over your shoulder after every mistake is not a way to build confidence. Henry, for now, gives us the most offensive potential and puts another guy on the floor who can initiate with the ball. I've seen some more life in his game recently. I'd give him a long look as the starter. Exit note: I think X is actually younger than Miller. It's easy to forget how early these guys are coming into the league.

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    I think X puts our most skilled player on the floor at the 3... he's a threat to drive, enough of a shooting threat to guard on the perimeter and that's more multidimensional than anyone else on our roster at the 3

    Monty always talks about how "X's body isn't letting him doing the things he's capable of"... does he have a lingering injury issue?

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    I think or hope when or if Gordon is back, it makes it easier for the other players on the court, cause now we don't really have players who are worth a double team

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