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Thread: Backup PG Help

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    Backup PG Help

    We could use some help at the pg spot. While the guys we have are decent, we can always look around and check for upgrades.

    Reading this article about Sacramento, I would be interested in pursuing either Jimmer or Isaiah.


    Neither would be a starter, but both would be upgrades as to what we have playing backup.
    If you Jimmer it, they will come.

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    A Soulful Sports Fan Contributor Eman5805's Avatar
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    I'd only want Isaiah. But I'm not really interested in either. Only person I'd only be KINDA interested in on that team is Tyreke. And I do mean KINDA.

    Cousins too, I guess.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hornetnojersey View Post
    Jonny Flynn
    His playing in Australia ATM, and getting owned by the pointguards in Australia believe it or not.

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    Yeah, Flynn injured his hip and doesn't have his quickness anymore. Since he lost that, he doesn't have another quality skill to make an NBA roster.

    Jimmer is not even close to being a PG. He wouldn't really be an upgrade over Roberts, IMO.

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    I, for one, can't agree with this .... I think that we happen to have an overabundance of backup PG's....
    "we might make dollars, but we don't necessarily make sense"

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    What's really the difference between Jimmer and Roberts?

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    Height and range as to the difference.

    As to the pg position, both teams suck enough where a change up wouldn't hurt withers playoff chances.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ramsters60 View Post
    I, for one, can't agree with this .... I think that we happen to have an overabundance of backup PG's....
    Exactly. We have 3 Backup PGs on the roster. How about we get a starter for PG. lol

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