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Thread: Utah Jazz Press Conference

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    Utah Jazz Press Conference

    As the Utah Jazz Gm I would like to welcome everyone. We are here to discuss our 2003 draft selecitons and offseaon transactions. Please hold all questions till the end.

    First off we would like to discuss the departure of a very good playere, Mr. Bonzi Wells. We are sadden that we could not come to an agreement on a new contract. He was a very good asset to the team and we wish him the best on his new team.

    On to the draft. We had the tenth and fourtenth pick in this years draft. These picks had us very excited as we felt this was a deep draft class. Going into the draft we knew we wanted to draft a big man first and a very good 6th man with our second pick. Then all of a sudden our strategy flew out the window when our first pick fell into our lap, Mr. Mo Williams. We are very excited we were able to draft such a high caliber player with our pick. We fill like Mo will be able to come in right away and be a star on our team. After we drafted MO we soon became nervous and were hoping the player we orginally wanted to take at ten would drop. Thankfully he did and we got the BIG man, Mr. Kendrick Perkins. Kendrick is the big man we feel we have been missing on our team. He will supply defense we have been missing.

    Next we hit free agency. We had our sight on two guys we felt could come in an make our team very good. Unfortunally they did not like our offers even though one was a max deal. We then shifted gears to find solid players to fill our bench. We traded our second round pick for Mr. Juan Dixon. Next we signed Mr. Jonathan Bender. We feel that both these young players can help out team off the bench. We were lacking these type of players last year. Hopefully they will come in and help the team.

    Now here is your Starting Lineup for your 2003 Utah Jazz starting line up.

    At point gaurd
    Mateen CleavesClick image for larger version. 

Name:	mat403.jpg 
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    At shooting gaurd
    Mo WilliamsClick image for larger version. 

Name:	act_maurice_williams.jpg 
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    At small forward
    Rashard LewisClick image for larger version. 

Name:	rashard_lewis-arton21063-240x240.jpg 
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    At poward forward
    Antione WalkerClick image for larger version. 

Name:	antoine-walker-03.jpg 
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    At center
    Kendrick PerkinsClick image for larger version. 

Name:	bos_perkins_kendrick-480x270.jpg 
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    *reporter shouts obscenities while stating that the Wolves will crush Utah on day 1*

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    I would like to thank everyone for their questions................. (maybe they talk to us more after have we have a good season....... )

    BRING IT ON MR REPORTER SEE YOU ON DAY ONE @%#$^ %#^%[email protected] &^%$&$ @&^% $^&%

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    WAIT TILL NEXT TIME MY ROOKIES GETTING ADJUSTED LOL ^(&^(*&)&^)(*&(*&*(&%&#%$#^&*()*&^$%^&*()&^%$^&*

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