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Thread: DISH in Slidell Hornets Game

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    DISH in Slidell Hornets Game

    Tonight's game vs Pacers is on 412-31 (41231). Again 2 pairs of stations were listed in the guide. Zip code 70461.

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    Tonight's Phoenix Game is on Dish 448!

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    Where are you at Cajewn? Last nights Phoenix game was on 412thirty something in Slidell. Sunday's game vs the Nuggets will be on 412-30 (41230). On my Dish I get the Regional Sports Networks, 84 channels. The Denver feed, which is blacked out here of course, is also on a 412xx station. Wonder why Dish channel numbers are different for us. Interesting in last nights game that the pregame show was on the lo-def side of the channel number. The hi-def side did not show the pregame. It was about 10-15 minutes into the game before the hi-def side got the Hornets feed. Lo-def is awful.
    If you are a Dish viewer, please list your channel number and zip code/city for the Hornets games so we can figure out the coverage pattern.
    Looks like Tulane is on FOXNO (I assume) on 412-28 today.

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    I'm in Slidell...Tonight's Clipper's Game on Dish should be Channel 445. I watched the Denver Game??? You need to scan your Channel Guide. If its on 416 and you get a blacked out, you'll probably find it in the 440's.

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    My DISH guide shows tonights game vs the Clippers to be on 412-33. There is also a feed on 412-03 which I believe is the Clippers feed and will be blacked out.
    Cajewn - I have the Dish Hopper and don't have any channels in the 440's. Is this why our channel numbers are different?

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    I do not have Hopper and have Sports Alternatives all the way up to 455 and after that PPV Sports to 500? Could be the reason?

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    Yes Cajewn, that must be it. I have the Regional Sports Networks 412 (84 channels) on my Dish Hopper. 412-06 is FOXSW. The Hornets games float on the Sports Alternates, usually in the 412-30's. I then have PAC12 on 413, BIG10 (10 channels) on 438, PPV Sports 455-468, NBA League Pass (26 channels) 470, NHL Center Ice (30 channels) 475, then MLB baseball channels.

    For the Hornets games, I usually also get the regional channel for the opposing team but it is blacked out - maybe the pre and post games aren't though.

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    @rsadhwani504 Due to Dish's bandwidth constraints, they unfortunately do not have a dedicated channel for Hornets games.

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    And this has been reported already. People were squirming and worried about the channel hopping, not listening to reason. The lack of a channel at this point is simply due to the combination on bandwidth limitations and lack of continuous programming by FSNO. What you see on dedicated channels is content from other Fox RSN's. In time, that may change.

    For those saying that Dish adding channels proves there are no bandwidth issues are completely wrong; adding the channels pushes the free space down because there are always bandwidth limits.
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