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Thread: Hornets on Dish, Direct & Uverse

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    Media Hornets on Dish, Direct & Uverse

    Dish Network:11/20 Channel 441. 11/21 Channel 443, 11/23 Channel 448 & 11/25 Channel 442
    Direct TV: Channel 678
    Uverse: channel 758-1758

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    Dish in Slidell 70461 area code: 412-29 (41229). Interesting that this is the first time that just 1 channel is listed.
    This channel is likely only good for tonights game vs the Knicks and will change for the next game. Channel 441 reported by Cajewn does not exist in my guide.

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    dish in br was on 421 for one of the games.. why does the channel always move?

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    I really want FSNO. Im going to write a letter to Uverse. With a valid Military ID, Service members should have the option to choose their region of choice to substitute the region where they are stationed in.

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    It moves because they are only showing the games, so they don't dedicate one channel to it.
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