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Thread: Blazers/Clippers

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    Blazers receive : 10 points

    Clippers receive : 2003 #22 pick (Blazers) + 2003 second round pick (Blazers) + 2003 second round pick (Suns via Blazers)

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    I approve dude.

    "I want ONLY 9 eyebrows in the starting lineup for the Hornets next year." I typed this before the draft lottery

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    LOL? You seriously didn't trade the same thing but less bc i'm "Cobra Kai"?
    Guys to watch out for (internet tough guys):


    Guys that know you are personally a coward despite never meeting you or holding a real conversation with you (psychic or stalker):


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    Quote Originally Posted by BallSoHard View Post
    LOL? You seriously didn't trade the same thing but less bc i'm "Cobra Kai"?
    lol no man I just had a deal lined up with him first and I owed him one.
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