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Thread: Jason Smith

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    Jason Smith

    Can someone please explain to me why he is not getting more minutes??? Seriously, him and Anthony Davis need to see more time on the court together!

    It is frustrating to see one of our more effective players not get any consistent minutes.

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    Jason Smith

    Thumb injury.

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    Various nicks all year and Lopez.

    76 games to go.
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    I love the guy to bits, but I have a feeling his first half stats would be much better than the second half.

    Anywhere to find this info?

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    I noticed that Jason didn't take his normal pick-and-pop shots last night. I think that thumb injury is preventing him from playing the amount we would all want.

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    Anthony Davis played only 29 minutes, Anderson played just under 29. Lopez played 21 and Smith played almost 17. If anything, I would think we would want Anthony Davis over 30 minutes in most games. So there really isn't a lot of minutes to pass around. I love Jason Smith as much as the next guy, but 17-20 is probably his sweet spot or high end.

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