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Thread: Please show me full highlights of Unibrow tonight!

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    Please show me full highlights of Unibrow tonight!

    **** EG give him away for Phoenix scorers we need them. Unibrow can be #1 option IMO.

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    This is not wise. They will be absolutely unstoppable in the pick n roll. Their games compliment each other well. Notice the bigs aren't really showing hard on the GV pick n roll because they know he is not going to stop and pop. With EG leading the pick in roll, the bigs will need to over commit, which will free Davis.

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    The fans should get out of their feeling with EG. It's about winning and if EG/EJ/2injured gives the team a good chance to win then we shouldn't care that he's a ******

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    You add a healthy Gordon to this team and it will be REAL REAL good... we're scoring over 100 with LITTLE points from shooting guard spot... just imagine. Plus Gordon is a good defender.

    Man if only this dude could stay healthy... imagine the possibilities. i don't care much for his attitude but since he's locked into a contract I'd expect him to give his all once he gets out there.

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