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Thread: Hornets draft picks going forward?

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    Draft Hornets draft picks going forward?

    Anybody know where I can find how the Hornets are looking draft-wise the next 3-4 years? Just curious. Seems like we've made a lot small deals the last few years involving 2nd rounders. I'm pretty sure we still have all our 1st rounders. Of course I could be wrong.

    Any link or direction would be greatly appreciated. Great start to the season so far! Lots of excitement and lots to look forward to!

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    nbadraft.net or draftexpress.com .... usually have all that information.
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    Thanks guys!

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    so Sixers have our 2nd round and Wolves have the Nets right?

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    Quote Originally Posted by bustahyndes View Post
    so Sixers have our 2nd round and Wolves have the Nets right?
    So we only have a 1st in 2013?

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    I wouldn't worry. We are in the unique position to eat a bad contract or two and pick up some really nice assets moving forward. The cap situation is going to get very real in the coming year for many o teams.

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