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Thread: "Hello Nick? Texas football calling...can we talk?"

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    Stuff "Hello Nick? Texas football calling...can we talk?"

    If Alabama wins the National Title,I wonder of Texas calls and offers him a deal that would make any man drop to his knees and cry like child?"
    "My God how can I say no to this offer?"...."Alabama fans,I am so sorry....( weeps and denies the rumor)....."I will not be coaching Texas"......Wait! How much?......Texas is in a "gun to mouth" mode and want to get their program cooking again....Texas will call Saban and make him say "No"..
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    4- You design your roster to win a 7 game series not a one game confrontation.

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    You're reaching. Not a shot. His contract is too good at Bama. Why go to Texas?

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