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Thread: Zone defense

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    Zone defense

    Went back and watched the game again and the Hornets used the zone on 7 possessions. Bulls went 2-8 with two turnovers and got two offensive rebounds- one of which they scored on. 4 points on 7 possessions is elite. I hope that Monty continues to use this in spurts, especially after timeouts. Aminu's length was really a problem on the wing and the rotations were fantastic.

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    Nice work..now go back and see how many were open shots?....Missing open shots doesn't always mean good defense...also check the closeouts and how a defender covered his area....and finally check shot location......if you watched the game again I bow down to you as you are on your way to becoming a HOOP JUNKIE....I want to leave behind a generation of you!!! I want to die happy.
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