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Thread: Jazz at Hornets: Advanced Box Score

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    Jazz at Hornets: Advanced Box Score

    Another fun game to watch. Team grinded it out for a tough victory. Points in the paint were impressive.

    Offensive Rating: (Team - 103.7)

    Anderson - 128
    Aminu - 120
    Lopez - 116
    Davis - 115
    Roberts - 104 (4 minutes)
    Vasquez - 95
    Mason - 88
    Smith - 74
    Rivers - 71
    Henry - 67 (7 minutes)
    Miller - 54 (11 minutes)

    1. This is what Ryan Anderson did consistently last season. Has 3-point shooting usually raises his total shooting and FG efficiency which makes him an offensive weapon. He can just flat out shoot and made a big 3 in the end.

    2. Aminu was dynamic again and way more efficient last night shooting really high from field increasing his total shooting. He played more within himself last night and even hit an outside jumper. He also had a big assist on Anderson's clutch 3. Hopefully he can get to the line more, but I think refs aren't giving him enough respect.

    3. Davis was really efficient before his injury. Was on his way to an easy double-double. Surprising he had no FTs.

    4. Lopez was big last night on the offensive end. Shot 56% from the field and set a lot of good screens.

    5. Everyone else struggled with shooting and others with turnovers as well. Rivers did have 6 assists. I think he is more PG than SG.

    Defensive Rating (Team - 101.4)

    Davis - 83
    Aminu - 96
    Miller - 97
    Rivers - 100
    Smith - 100
    Lopez - 105
    Anderson - 105
    Vasquez - 106
    Henry - 107
    Mason - 107
    Roberts - 113

    1. Davis was a beast on the boards and with his blocks. Eventually he's gonna be legendary on the defensive end.

    2. Aminu is close to being elite now. Long arms, athletic.

    3. Everyone else was solid too. Nice to see Rivers improving at this end. The team showed a general toughness.


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    Great stuff. I can't believe Davis graded out that well against guys like Millsap and Jefferson - two of the best post scorers in the league.

    Aminu played the best game of his life last night. I don't care about great dunks and whatnot like he had last game. He was efficient, picked his spots, played great D, and was active on the boards. If he can give us this kind of efficiency night in and night out, I'd lock him up for the next 5 years at $3-4 mil/year. What's most important is that he put together 2 very good games back to back. He needs to be consistent.

    Lopez had a great game too. For some reason, Monty kept trying to double down on the post when Lopez was guarding Jefferson, but that kept leaving guys wide open. I remember thinking to myself that Lopez should be able to handle him 1-1, and sure enough, Monty stopped doubling down, and Lopez forced a bad shot by Jefferson on the next play. If Lopez can give us 1-1 post defense like that over the course of the season, we could be a top-5 defense when Gordon gets healthy.

    Rivers is already progressing faster than I thought he would on defense. I saw some encouraging things last night from him both offensively and defensively.

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    I really think Rivers is more of a PG with his quick feet offensively and defensively. I really wish Monty would let him focus exclusively at the point because he does better as a playmaker than playing off the ball. Plus he defends on the ball better as well and has a hard time right now going through screens and chasing other players. Let him play the point because that's where his natural skills are.

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    I also agree about not doubling with Lopez. He can defend guys well enough with his quick feet and length. He's not weak either.

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